Dating Certificate Request

First you will need to decide what you require a dating certificate for.

If it is just for information

The machine dating officer will require rubbings or photographs of the engine and frame numbers. This certificate cannot be used for obtaining an age related dating certificate. It can be used for display purposes though.

Please include a large stamped self-addressed envelope. The certificate is A4 size therefore it cannot be folded down into a small envelope. I would recommend a C5 envelope which allows a single fold to the certificate. The cost is £5 for Club members and £15 for non-members, cheques made out to BSA Owners’ Club Library Account.

If you are going to use the certificate for obtaining an age related registration

The machine has to be road worthy and ready to use on the road.

It is a bit more complicated. If the machine has only been refurbished or imported then a new standard dating letter can be used. This will be titled Vehicle Report. This will be provided in addition to the dating certificate.

The DVLA now require an inspection of the machine, however, we are intending as an initial stage to use photographs and by studying these we will decide those machines require a physical inspection.

Therefore please supply in addition to the rubbings or photographs of the engine and frame number several photographs of the complete machine. These should be side on and from both sides.

If the machine in our opinion requires a physical inspection then you will be informed. It is intended that the local branch meeting place will be used. It will be for you to take the machine to a mutual convenient place should it be required.

We will endeavour to keep the travel distance down to 20 miles maximum each way. If a club member has to inspect the machine at your property then mileage will be charged, which will need to be paid prior to the inspection being undertaken. The costs of this will be notified in advance.

The cost is a flat rate £5 for Club members and £15 for non-Club members for the initial process, with an extra charge of £10 for non-Club members for the inspection at the branch meeting place. Cheques to be made out to BSA Owners Club Library Account.

If it is a completely new machine built up using old parts then the registration process is more rigorous and you will have to go through a separate process. This will involve a physical inspection of the machine. You will need to be aware of the information contained in document INF 26 ‘Guidelines for the registration of rebuilt or radically altered vehicles and kit cars’ downloadable from the DVLA website. This lays down the criteria for reconstructed classics where all major components have to be over 25 years old. These include forks, wheels and brakes, frame, engine and gearbox. The date of the registration will be based on the age of the youngest component. You will need to write to me separately to make arrangements and obtain a V627/1 Built up vehicle report.

If successful a new DVLA generated frame number will be allocated to be stamped into the frame, even though the original frame number is visible.


The librarian's address is:

Mr. Steve Foden.
BSAOC Machine Dating Officer
PO Box 111
CH28 9DA