About Us

The BSA Owners’ Club was formed in 1958, and has subsequently grown into one of the largest single marque classic motorcycle club in the UK. The foundation of this club is centred around an elected National Committee with a large affiliated branch/group network. The club also has great ties with all the International BSA Owners’ Clubs.

With such a great membership, help is never too far away; whether it be helping you buy your first BSA, or restoring your much loved BSA, right through to getting your BSA registered with the DVLA.

The BSA Owners’ Club is the main custodian of all official BSA records,dating back to 1907; The club also has an extensive library of everything BSA, including: Despatch Records, Factory Parts Books, Handbooks, Catalogues and Service Sheets, and so much more. This material is readily available to all our members through our ‘Members Area’.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The BSA Owners' Club complies fully with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and will incorporate any changes of legistion or regulation.

As a club we do not have to be reqistered, but we need to follow strict guidelines on the disclosure of the information we hold. If we fail to comply with the guidelines the BSA Owners' Club would be liable for prosecution.

A copy of the GDPR compliance policies can be found in the Handbook section within the Members' Area of the website. Alternatively, a copy can be supplied on application to the Membership Secretary

Other than for the distribution of the Star by Crewe Colour Printers, the club can only give out its members' names and addresses in the following circumstances.

  1. To address and send on letters from one member to another, where the name of the recepient is known.
  2. One the request of a Branch Committee or National Committee we can send out a letter or leaflet to all members, or a specfic group of members.
  3. . Branch Secretaries are allowed to request a list of all their branch members.

We cannot:

  1. Disclose any members details to any any member.
  2. Supply a list of all members, nationwide or area/group specific and any branch secretary or individual member.