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   Advertisers in the BSA Bazaar section should be aware of the following guidelines.

1. Small Ads are free for current members of BSAOC and are for the sale/wanted of BSAs

    and related parts. They can be sent by post or email.

2. Adverts for non-members cost £5.00 per insert and must be sent by post with a cheque

    payable to BSAOC to the editor.

3. Adverts will NOT appear if you fail to include your membership number.

4. Adverts must be no longer than 50 words. Adverts maybe edited, and the Editor cannot

    guarantee insertion into a specific issue.

5. The Editor does not accept liability for printers' or clerical errors, although every care is

    taken to avoid mistakes. Please write legibly.

6. Adverts received too late for a particular issue will automatically be inserted in the

    following issue unless otherwise instructed.

7. Adverts sent by email must be in plain, unformatted text. Attachments can be accepted,but not guaranteed insertion.

8. Sales Ads are the disposal of bikes and parts which are member's personal property.

Send your articles to


The Star is your colour magazine published on the first of every month. It's the life-blood of the BSAOC and is available to members only. It contains information for the club as well as articles imparting a wealth of knowledge about the famous marque. There are also trade and private adverts designed to benefit members.

Copy date for contributions is always the first of the month prior and all articles are welcome. The preferred method of sending articles is email to the editor, either in the email itself or as an attachment in Word or PDF format.

We appreciate that this is not always possible so you are not discouraged from sending articles in the post if necessary.