Notes for Retention of existing Registration Marks

To continue with this process you will need documentary proof if you do not have any then the application will be refused as the DVLA are extremely unlikely to accept an application. In this situation you are advised to apply for an age related registration mark.

Acceptable documentary evidence is:

  1. Old Green and Buff Log Books

  2. Pre1985 Bills of Sale and/or copies of The Original Registration Records.The original registration records were placed in archives in some, but not all of the former licensing authorities. Generally the larger conurbations destroyed their records. Any documentation must show the Frame number as well as the Registration mark

When can I apply?

At any time, but the machine should be substantially complete; authorisation to re-register cannot be given on disassembled machines.

The changing of engines to one of a same type or period is generally acceptable but radically altering a vehicle with modern components will not be accepted. Please write in if there is any doubt.

What do I need to do?

Vehicles not registered with the D.V.L.A. - You will need to obtain the following forms from the DVLA helpline 0300 700 6802 or

Form V765 and Form V55/5.

Please note that the DVLA now request two forms of identity with the V55/5. This is just for new registrations and is not needed for this process.

For instructions on how to fill in the V55/5 click here.

All applications under this process are now registered as “Historic” or “Bicycle” for those BSA’s manufactured after the 1st January 1974, taxation class (Question 2 on the V55/5).