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Welcome to the new look BSA Owners’ Club site.

 We hope you like the changes. There are 2 things  to note :

The Forum Login

This has not changed. However if you wish to register for the Forum please use the Register link.

Members Area

The login user name and password you use have been changed slightly.

Your username is now your surname.

Your Password is now  your membership number.

You must enter them exactly as shown on your membership card (case sensitive).

 If you are a member of the BSA Owners’ Club, you will have access to this area. In this area you will find -

1. Previous issues of the Star

2. The latest issues of various International Club magazines.

3.  BSA Factory and Dealer Service Sheets

4. The full BSAOC calendar of the years Events

5. List of Technical Consultants

6. Coming Soon - Library Search Facility.

 This will allow you to view both Parts books and Handbooks (where available)  

If you have any queries / comments about the new pages, then please email me at