List of Existing Authorities

How to use this listing

The listing can be used to identify whether the original local authority registration registers and/or card indexes still exist. Registers vary considerably in the information recorded with some giving the machine, engine and frame numbers, the date of registration and the name of the supplier and first owner down to the registration date and the vehicle excise category such as Bicycle, Private or Goods. The identity letters are the last two letters on a three letter plate. Find the last two letters (or last letter if only two letters) of your license number to find which area it was first registered. If the records still survive then they are shown under the column ‘Surviving Registers’. If yours survives, then look in ‘Local Registration Contact Details’ above for the address, where you can apply for copy of the original transcript which can possibly be used to retain or reclaim the original registration number. Register. There is usually a fee for this service by the registration authority or the archive where the record is kept. If the entry has an * against the surviving register dates then look in the Registration Notes using the link above. If there is a name in the Location column then look up the name in the address location column. If you do manage to obtain a copy from the register then print out the retention notes and follow them through. Click on a letter below for your local Licensing Authority

Select the last two letters of your registration number2, or last letter if only two letters:

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