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How to Fill in your V55/5

The V55/5 form ‘Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a used motor vehicle’ can be printed from DVLA website or ordered from the DVLA Swansea, by telephone DVLA helpline 0300 790 6802 or online at the government website https://www.gov.uk/dvlaforms

Use black ink and print clearly. Follow the directions below:-

 For V55/5 forms marked 7/18 or 8/18 top right. Do not use older carbon versions with serial numbers as DVLA will not accept them.

Top box right. ‘insert country vehicle purchased from’

Question 1  ‘The Registration Mark’
Question 2  Taxation Class ‘Historic’
Question 3  Leave blank
Question 4  Leave blank
Question 5  Manufacturer ‘BSA’
Question 6  Make ‘ BSA mainly although it could be Sunbeam in the case of a Scooter

        Or Ariel in the case of an Ariel 3’

Question 7  Model ‘Model of your Machine e.g. Golden Flash, B31, C11 G, D1 Bantam  


Question 8  Type of Body/Vehicle ‘Motorcycle’
Question 9  Wheel plan ‘2 Wheel’
Question 10  Colours ‘Main Tank Colour e.g. Gold, Green, Maroon etc.’
Questions 11-26 ‘Leave blank’
Question 27  Year of manufacture ‘Only if you know it’
Question 28- 30 ‘Leave Blank’

Question 31  Type of fuel ‘Petrol’
Question 32  Vin/Chassis/Frame Number ‘The Full Frame Number, including Prefixes and   Suffixes.                     This MUST come off of the Machine and NOT off of the log book’
Question 33  Engine number ‘The Full Engine Number including Prefixes and Suffixes,    This MUST                      come off of the machine and NOT off the log book’
Question 34  Cylinder Capacity ‘the Cylinder Capacity’
Questions 35 to 45 ‘Leave blank’
Question 46  Date of Original Registration ‘Only if you have a log book then take the    date of first                    registration e.g. 23rd August 1950 would be 230850 otherwise   ‘leave blank’
Question 47 ‘Leave blank’
Questions 48-56 ‘Leave blank’

Question 57 Partial post code of purchaser,  the first 3 or 4 digits of your postcode

Questions 58-60 ‘Leave Blank’

Now turn form over

Question 61 ‘Leave blank’

Question 62 Name and address of keeper ‘Fill in fully except DVLA fleet number”.
Question 63 Date of birth ‘Date of Birth of keeper’.
Question 64 ‘Leave blank’.
Question 65  Mileage recorded on speedometer ‘Mileage in Miles NOT in Kilometres’.

Questions 66-68 ‘Leave blank’

Sign and Date the form at bottom.

Updated 9/18

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