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President Norma Burgess-Lowe
Vice Presidents Dave Jones
Peter Crowe
Barry 'Polly' Palmer
Sheila Martin
Chairman Kelvin Meadows chairman@bsaownersclub.co.uk
Treasurer Dennis Boatwright treasurer@bsaownersclub.co.uk
National Secretary Phil Bull natsec@bsaownersclub.co.uk
Membership Secretary Rob Jones membership@bsaownersclub.co.uk
PRO Bill Nelson pro@bsaownersclub.co.uk
Editor Chris Golby editor@bsaownersclub.co.uk
International Secretary Andy Lorenz international@bsaownersclub.co.uk
Librarian Steve Foden see address in Machine Dating Area
Regalia Graham Jackson regalia@bsaownersclub.co.uk
Machine Dating Officer Steve Foden see address in Machine Dating Area
Transfers Graham Jackson regalia@bsaownersclub.co.uk
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