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The Dandy seems to have quite a lot of service sheets in its first 2 years.

There are 3 for the Beagle - 101 which deals with clutch, 102 which deals with front brake and 114 which deals with big end lubrication.

There also a number for the A65, some of which you can see in members area and some US market ones, which are not there, dealing with running in - apparently there were seizure problems - and gearbox problems. There are also a number of parts service bulletins which show many changes to A65 parts - including a 4 side update of the 1967 parts book.

The photo shows further changes to the Dandy kickstart.

The aluminium cylinder with the damaged chrome can be repaired better than new. There are many places that will replate them with harder wearing Nikasil

Thanks Andy but my Dandy has a good engine and I bought this spare engine with an Ally cylinder purely for historical interest. One of the limitations with the early engines, such as my spare, is that there was no easy way to top up the grease that the crankshaft ran in, short of taking the whole engine apart. BSA modified later engines to provide a means of pumping in new grease via an external grease nipple.


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