Author Topic: useless brakes on classic bikes?  (Read 558 times)

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useless brakes on classic bikes?
« on: 12 June, 2017, 11:51:32 »
It has been often stated that the old British bikes had 'useless' brakes.
I never found this when I rode many bikes in the 1960s.
My present C15 seems just fine.
The rear brake will easy lock the wheel. The front brake seems powerful, I am afraid to use full power
for fear of skidding. At low speed, it can lock the wheel.
Of course, my bike can only scrape up to 70 mph.
Comments, please

Mike Farmer

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Re: useless brakes on classic bikes?
« Reply #1 on: 12 June, 2017, 14:06:54 »

I don't think the brakes were ever a problem providing you were aware of the vehicle braking capability and rode it within the constraints imposed by it.