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Er, er she's started hesitating.


My Bantam (D14 engine) has recentky developed a hesitation at wider throttle openings. I suspected I'd messed the petroil mix but I've drained the tanks and replenished with fresh 25:1 fuel. Draining via the tap meant I could check fuel flow and its fine. Have stripped and cleaned the carb, which was clean when I looked inside. So, the hesitation is not likely to be fuel/carb related.
I have made no changes prior to the developement of the hesitation issue cropping up.
I'll check the plug and points tomorrow but in the meantime has anyone any ideas?

Is it pinking at all?  Could be timing out or carbon buildup causing pre-ignition. 

No pinging and engine not done many miles since last strip down.
I've just got a new spark plug so I'll try that and report back.

Stuck the new spark plug in and its done the job :)
Just been on a test run and she's running great. I don't now what we did as the speedo only reads upto 55mph and given D1 brakes that's way way fast enough anyway.
Bit of clutch slip but who can blame the old lass: she was designed to lug 1950's sized people.
Anyway, that's one bike sorted (for now).


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