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B25 Bottom end engineering recomendations


Hi All
Does anyone have recommendations for reliable BSA proficient engineering co to carry out bottom end refurb/rebuild on B25 Fleetstar?

When you say bottom end refurb/rebuild, what exactly did you have in mind? Bottom end to me normally means everything below the cylinder. If so, are you going to do the top end reburb/rebuild yourself?

By "Bottom end" I mean Crankcase, Crankshaft and Conrod all seals/bush's/bearings with potentially any machining if necessary to allow eg mix of early and later components.

There aren't too many people out there that offer engineering services for classic bikes. The best recommendation I can offer is to contact BSAOC's own Dave Smith (Rupert Ratio) who offers rebuilds on BSA unit singles. Normally, this is carried out on complete engines but I assume he might be willing to rebuild just the bottom end. He can be contacted through the club or via the following email quoting 'Ratio Rebuilds':


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