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bantam d7 starting problems


hello I have a D10 and a friend has asked for help
trying to get his D7 running
it starts sometimes then will not go again
tried all we know, at the end of our knowledge
is there any one in the Northampton area that can help or recommend somewhere to take it
thank you bob 

Is the tank rusty?  Could be clogging carb.  Not Northampton, but where I am in Wycombe there's a great mechanic.  Pete at PGB motorcycles.  Not too far for you.......

Which ignition system on the D7?

Coil and battery or flywheel magneto? Got a spark?

If flywheel magneto they sometimes wont go unless the points gap is reduced quite a lot - down to 6 or 8 thou.

If it recently been resurected after being out of use for a long time then leaking crankcase seals  a possibility.


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