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Yesterday, after temporarily replacing the later fork legs and the TLS hub wheel and plate I was able finally to measure, re-measure and triple check the amount I'd need the rim offset adjusting by. Turned out to be 5mm which would bring the rim in line with the open face of the brake drum. I made careful notes and armed with these I drove the wheel over to Central Wheel Components.

As I went in they asked what I wanted and I firstexplained that I was modifying my A10 to TLS with this wheel.

"So you'll need the wheel building with the rim in line with the  open face of the drum then" he replied !! :)

That inspired confidence in them and my measurements, taken while on high dose steriods  :-[

I don't know why everyone raves about twin leading shoe brakes, I have found using both this also the single sided brake 8" drum as on the early GF and GS the most efficient ie, better that a TLS, I think a lot of problems with braking are to do with the distortion of the drum when a new rim is fitted, if its not laced properly.
My 2p for what its worth.

The 8" SLS on my Star Twin is excellent, as is the 8" SLS brake on my Dominator. However, the 8" SLS full width hub brake on the A10 is almost as useless as the 7" SLS full width hub brake on my B31. The original anti-lock system... So the A10 now sports a TLS brake and actually stops.   

I agree with TTJOHN and STAR TWIN re the 8 inch half width hub. It is much underrated. My experience with an A7 so equipped was that it was a powerful and reliable stopper. The A10 8 inch full width hub was very poor in comparison and the 7 inch full width hub on my 1968 Starfire was even worse.

Both the latter were converted to TLS for safety of all and peace of mind.

I'm too deep into replacing my 8"  single sided with the TLS now so I am developing seletive deafness/wordblindess  to posts on this thread;)

I must say though that i have to agree the single sided isn't a bad brake. But, hey, this hobby is about trying stuff put and experiementing.

At least I can console myself and bank account knowing that if its not any better then I can use it on the Super Rocket.


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