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If you are looking for a TLS brake for your A10 with full width iron hub have a look at this E bay item;

It is an Eddie Dow conversion not a factory job - the shoe pivots are fixed not sliding as on the factory job - and appears to have the boss of sufficient height to engage with the A10 fork lug. The levers and tie rod are not Dow items.

You may have seen the thread on the old forum on the subject.

Photo is that of an Eddie Dow brake, BSA not Triumph type, to compare with the E bay item.

Interesting, but I hope it goes for loads of dosh so I don't feel  so bad about what I've paid so far just for the parts for my conversion

Julian, which hub does this one match to?
I bought a BSA Triumph TLS that you mentioned - but my standard A10 8" hub is too narrow.  So I ended up going back to standard single leading and not modifying the TLS locating lug etc.
My standard A10 hub needs the narrower shoes found on the SLS.  The TLS shoes are a good 1/2 inch too wide.
I suspect I'd need to change to an A65 hub - so I decided to sell my TLS (cost me twice as much as the Eddie Dow one you found on ebay!!!!).  Ironically I had one offer early doors which I declined but so far have struggled to sell it - I guess I need to take a reality pill and accept I paid too much for it - if I can't sell it for less that I originally paid (265!!!).

I think for the standard A10 hub.

The BSA/Triumph TLS shoes are 1 5/8 wide and the A10 hub takes 1 1/8.

Dow offered around 9 different TLS conversions all made by a Mr Robinson from Erdington, Birmingham.

The full width 8 inch conversions came in a BSA version, which should plug straight into the A10 hub and anchor on the A10 fork lug and 2 Triumph versions which were for the pre 1966 narrow hub and the 1966/67 wide hub which took 1 5/8 wide shoes. The different width shoes are interchangable because I have done it.

Unfortunately, with the E bay item  you cannot see the width of the shoes.

The photos show the components of the brake - less linings - you will se the shoes are fairky crude castings, the original levers and tie bar were from light alloy and there was no return spring on the front cam lever as fitted to the factory item.

The third photo shows the Dow Triumph plate left and BSA plate right.

The fourth photo is from the 1969 Eddie Dow price list.

Thanks Julian, explains a lot.
Think I made the right decisions in the end but got there the hard way (and expensive way).

cheers Raymond.


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