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Hi all,just bought this ,first  british bike since paula had a 3TA 30 years ago.rides great though seems to be running a blowing head gasket!still trying to understand the mechanicals and keep oil levels up.loving it.b32 engine in b31 frame. cheers hope to bump into some of you mick and paula.

forgot to say we're in disley,cheshire,and does the b32  run a head gasket.tea strainer fitted to carb as last run sucked in half a pound of willow pollen oh and oiled all the local roads,at least they won't go rusty

Mick, she's an absolute beauty you lucky man!
I bet she sounds damned good too.
Keep oiling those roads ;)

cheers Dean,still getting our heads round it.jap bikes and old land rovers our norm,but i've spent more time ogling this bike than any other .what's yours?and do you need a refinery  every 20 miles? cheers mick and paula.


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