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From the family album a 1930s BSA with my Great Uncle John Rendell at the front.

 Dont know when taken but does the flag say "Pirates"

But what is the bike? I am not sure.

Maybe a 1936 B18 250 with the large headlamp? Or a 1935 B35-2 ?

What do you think?

Julian. You could be correct with the bike but I think the photo was taken somewhere around 1948-50 judging by the dress, the pirates were a speedway team initially formed at Poole in 1948 and when you think of it, we all rode old bikes then, anyone who had a new bike must have been quite well off. HTH.


It looks like a B18 rather than a B35-2 going by the shape of the casting for the electrical generator behind the cylinder.

Thanks TTJOHN and Arthur.

Poole Pirates makes sense as he lived in Somerset or Dorset.

it's a bit late, but B18 looks right going off the oil pipe routing to the oil tank.
Cheers Dave


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