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Hello from a new owner in Monmouthshire (insert 'what have i done' here)

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Just a quick line to introduce myself. Have been riding on and off since i was 15 (as a child I spent a lot of time in Ireland and at the time minot issue such as age did not really matter() however it wa snot until 25 years ago that i finally took my bike test and bought my first 'proper bike'.

Over the years i have had all sorts, but only two old ones, a late 50's Enfield (sold as it was so temperamental and would only start when it wanted to) and another later Enfield trials. So last week i found myself on a well known auction site as they say on TV, for no particular reason and I stumbled across a pretty looking 1958 B31 that I fell in love wit over the next few days. Remote i had never even sad on an old BSA, but it was beautiful. So contacted Clive the seller, who was most helpful (well he was selling it) and to cut a long story short I bought and paid for it sight unseen.

The next weekend I mad the 70 mile trip over in the Car with my wife, helmet and jacket in boot. Clive showed me all the basics which of course I immediately forgot, so hopped on the bike and headed for the M5. In retrospect not the best place to learn a new bike, and one with less power then my ride on mower, but the sun was out and after a few miles I started to relax, well sort off.

So here I am back in soggy south wales waiting for the sun to appear and spending the time practicing getting starting the bike in the garage and polishing all the shiny bits (that bit I am good at).

Regards to all

She's a looker  :) :) :) :)

Thanks Bess, probably not a perfectionists bike but I liked it  :D

Welcome Kez
A lovely looking bike and I can see why you fell for her.
Here's to many happy hours of riding her.

Cheers Dean, thank you for your kind words, what a nice little forum i seem to have found  :)


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