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A65 Thunderbolt 1972 Front Conical Hub Front Spindle 37-3796--Carry over

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Some further thoughts:-

I seem to remember from your original post that the spindle appeared to be shifted to the left by about 3mm on both sides of the wheel? If so, then this seems to suggest that there is nothing wrong with the length of it - it's just wrongly positioned.

The spacer is of the order of 4 mm wide as you can tell from my picture. It would have to be 7 mm wide to be responsible for the problem you have.

It's difficult to get the position of the RH bearing wrong since it is constrained by a circlip on the LH side and by the locking ring on the RH side which should end up just below the end of hub tunnel when fully done up.

I would have thought the problem is most likely that the brake plate is not being forced fully on to the spindle and against the RH bearing. I had to rest the LH end of the spindle vertically against the bench and then use a suitable drift to drive the brake hub fully into position.

The simplest test is to take off the brake plate and then tap the LH end of the spindle to drive it against the RH bearing and to then measure how much spindle projects beyond the LH grease retainer. It should be 1 15/16" if my measurement is correct.


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