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Amal top stuck fast.

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Tony B:
It's my Blue Star again, the more I look at it (recent purchase) the more I realise that the last owner did enough to get it running and no more.  To be fair he was selling it on behalf of a collector who had died and the rust in the tank suggested a lengthy retirement.
So, with the help of the old manual reprints (superb) I'm working through the servicing and we're getting to know each other quite well and the n xt problem is that I can't unscrew the carb top to check the slide which I suspect is badly worn.  I've soaked it Wd40 over 48 hours but a fairly loose fitting strap wrench does nothing.  Don't think it's been off in years. 

I presume 1936 carb bodies are somewhat rare so can anyone suggest a solution please, would mild heat help?

The outside responded well to Solvol btw but I suspect it may well be 'all fur coat and no knickers' once I get inside but I can learn how to rebuild a carb. and the old manuals are great bedtime reading.
Thanks for your attention.


I'd try only a little heat and then the pipe wrench (gripped lightly!).
If it got really bad you could cut through the top ring. These are availabe new from Amal according to their website, although it's aways best to phine to check they actually have in stock what that show on their site.

Tony B:
Thanks Dean.
Off to b&q to get the correct size wrench,
Will inform of progress when I come back for the next problem.

I think you may find that this is a brass ring on the top, which is what the early Amals were, best method would be to remove the carb then apply some heat to the top, just give it a tap on the top with a small knockometer just to free it, it should come off then quite easy.


Tony B:
Another 24 hours soaking with WD40 and the top came off easily with a light grip from my moles.  No heat needed.  The inside looks black enough for the inside of the exhaust but there doesn't seem to be any damage to the slide.

Thanks for your suggestions, they gave me the confidence to carry on.  I know it's not much of a problem but when you know nowt, every problem gets bigger!  Onwards and upwards...


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