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A65 swingarm bush removal

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I bought a special tool, 61-6117 for my '71 A65L.
This removes and fits the bushes.
Don't know about other models/years?

Hi the method I was taught and have applied successfully is as follows.
Choose a metal drill bit wider than the width of rubber, but not quite as wide as the thickness of that and both inner and outer metal sleeves. I found something around 5mil worked.
The bit also needs to be as long as the outer sleeve if possible to get to the end of the rubber..
Drill three or better four (or even five) holes down the length of the bush, and in doing so you drill out part of the thickness of both sleeves.
With a slightly smaller bit you can then drill out as much of the rubber still adhering to both inner and outer, and inevitable do even more to weaken both sleeves. Obviously try not to damage the swing arm itself. I managed with only minor scratches to that.
There comes a point when enough rubber is drilled out that you can get something in to collapse the inner sleeve enough to get some mole grips on it. With a bit of riving about (if you have removed enough rubber by drilling) the inner sleeve comes loose and can be puled out.
The outer sleeve should also then be encouraged to collapse and loosen and pull out.
Not as smelly as burning it, and doesn't require welding skills...
Doesn't apply I think to the later kind of bushes not of the rubber type.

So, we are not talking about "swinging arm bushes"
You are talking about metalastic suspension bushes, wish I'd known before. :(

hi there,
what I do is burn out the rubber using a small blow torch then the inners  just pull out but to remove the outers what I do
is use a hacksaw blade lengthwise and cut a slot in the bush but not all the way thro then collapse it using a sharp punch
until you can get a small chisel or similar in works for me . regards john kay .


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