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A65 swingarm bush removal

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any tips?

 I have so far managed to get the inner bush out of 1 side and gave up, apart from brute force and ignorance is there an easier way to remove them?

yours in anticipation,


Success ;D

It appears brute force is the best method, also got the new ones in with the threaded rod procedure.


If anyone wants a solution to this for removal of the silent bloc bushes I have a method that works learned from other more experienced souls...

A10 JWO:
You need a man with a press, or a log splitter ( worked for mine 5 Ton ).  Heat can help and hot and cold in reverse.

Mike Farmer:
Hi  :)
What I do is this.

First burn/melt out the inner and try to get all the rubber bits out as well.

Now weld a lump of steel into the very end of the outer/stuck part. Heat it and with a long drift up against your welded steel from the opposite end---beat it out. Sometimes the welded bit will break off---so weld in another. The weld heat also helps.

It can still be a "B" but it works.

Mike 8) 8)


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