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B44 Victor Special


Here's my Victor Special Street Scrambler I've just finished a top to toe re build on. Just waiting on the DVLA for an age related number then I can get her on the road!

that looks really nice Don well done  ;)

Thanks Derek..... Hopefully here's another pic of it as having trouble resizing them down sufficiently! Cheers

That's a better picture!

I clicked on the link below the main picture and it comes up ok. if you click on picture it comes up original size.

Good luck with DVLA, how far have you got with them?

Derek, I sent of all the documents for an age related plate last week. Had to get NOVA acceptance from HMRC as it was an import a few years ago, but not by me... & BSAOC dating certificate etc. So am hoping that it'll come through before the end of May as itching to get her on the road! There's only so much polishing you can do!!  :) Although......have just acquired a proper chainguard so will be repairing & fettling that before painting & fitting.


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