Author Topic: Bantam D1 Lucas Magneto and 12 Volts.  (Read 231 times)

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Bantam D1 Lucas Magneto and 12 Volts.
« on: 12 August, 2019, 17:29:28 »

My Bantam D1 is equipped with a Lucas Magneto (IA45), which generates 6 Volt AC, which is then rectified and regulated.

I understand that by connecting two of the terminals you can generate 12 Volt, which with a different rectifier/regulator will provide 12Volts. Has anyone actually done this on a Bantam or any other Bike ?

I also thought about using a 6 Volt to 12 Volt converter as an alternate approach, purely on the lighting circuit as they seem relatively easy to get hold of, with enough power for a decent front and back bulb?

The main aim is to be able to get a decent supply of 12 Volt brighter bulbs. I'm quite happy to still use a 6 Volt ignition system as I believe that's still a reasonable solution.