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My rides
« on: 21 April, 2017, 00:07:31 »
I have an A10 in black from 1960. This was restored when I bought it. Enjoyable but very heavy for me to get onto the stand now.

An A65 Star from 1962 which was part restored when I bought it. Now with forks completely done and new head bearings and new loom wired up plus multiple other 'adjustments' too many to list. Matching engine and frame as came out of BSA and original retailers name-plate still on back mud guard. Goes like stink and I love it. A privilege to ride.

And an A50 now in black from 1967. Looked odd in red when I had it with a spitfire tank and two into one. Rides well enough but can be a bit disappointing if I've had a day when I've taken the other two out then get on the A50. Feels like swimming against the tide.

Bought a 2016 Triumph Street Twin last September to undertake some longer distances with a little less fettling involved.

But give me the BSA's every time. I love them and tolerate the Triumph.