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B44 Victor Special
« on: 30 July, 2019, 20:50:13 »
So after a bit of fiddling, fettling and chopping and changing my B44 is now officially registered and on the road. It was originally housed in a B40 frame,  that now is awaiting the imminent implant of a rebuilt B40 motor,  that  arrived in my possession in a C15 frame!! Confused - you should see my garage.

Anyway deep down in the dark, damp recess that passes for my brain there  is part of me that likes order in the universe and so in Spring this year I pulled out the B44 motor and transplanted it into a B25 frame so that the B40 frame could be re-united with it's namesake motor.    .    .    .  Hang on. .   .  now I've created  another mongrel   .    . bollox! Seriously though the intention was to create a decent useable 'Bop about bike' that -

1. would suit Cornish A and B roads
2. be fun to ride (read lively)  ;D
3. be something that I wouldn't be over precious about in terms of originality

And to be fair I'm pretty sure that for me it's hit the spot on all counts. She's easy to start thanks to the Electrex World ignition and alternator kit and new Amal Concentric Mk1. She is light as a feather, well lighter than my KL250 ( I'm guessing about 125 kgs)  and as a result, and by virtue of the 50Tooth rear sprocket goes like stink. 60mph comes in a flash with the front wheel lifting on the throttle alone in first and second. She wants to pull way beyond that and I have nudged the needle past 70 but it just doesn't feel right, or necessary on our back lanes. She is loud and, I never thought that I would ever say this but, possibly a tad too loud, but heh ho it does sound ace. 

My plans are now to wire up the little LED indicators, convert the system to 12volt and figure out how to hook up the little digital rev counter. Probably try and source an alloy front guard - maybe,  ohh. er  yes and try and cure the oil that insists on dripping out from the gearbox output shaft. If only I'd rebuilt her with double sealed bearings. Next time.
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Re: B44 Victor Special
« Reply #1 on: 31 July, 2019, 16:44:22 »
Great fun bikes aren't they. That's what I did with my C15 and like yours it's very light and nippy up to the 50mph mark. Just got to convert it from 6v to 12v and install electronic ignition, Job for the weekend.