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Just wanted to say well done to the Webmaster for all his hard work in compiling the new BSAOC forum. A fresh new look and a more user friendly picture posting method. Thanks for your efforts.

Dee.......I can't believe you got in before me!
Thanks Rob for all the hard work you put into this website.
This new FORUM is both refreshing and comprehensive and a true reflection of your dedication to the BSAOC and its website.
Whilst appreciation is not always shown, I would like to the first to congratulate you on the implementation of the new FORUM; I'm sure it will be a great success - well done - ray t.

Well done Rob, looks like you have a winner here.


Well done for the new look Forum, looking good.  :)

Like all the new features and nice to be able to add profile pictures and other info.


Mike Farmer:
Thank you.

Absolutely brill. Just what the Dr ordered

Mike 8)


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