Author Topic: timing cover oil pump late 20s  (Read 258 times)

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timing cover oil pump late 20s
« on: 12 June, 2019, 17:45:18 »

I am looking at a 1927 ish oil pump set up. Like pretty much all of them, it is broken around the 4 X 1/8 holes half way down the threaded section.

My  question however pertains to the plunger. I have two one has a small check valve with ball bearing and fine spring internally, the other does not appear to have it or provision for it. The one with the check valve I have cleaned but it doesnt strike me as being overly effective. Was this check valve removed in later production? Is the check valve problematic and potentiall restricts flow? Can it be left out?

I am looking at whether the bottom of the housing can be repaired by turning up a steel sleeve to be pressed in and turned to 1/2 ID and 20 TPI 3/4 OD.



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Re: timing cover oil pump late 20s
« Reply #1 on: 17 June, 2019, 07:58:00 »
Without check valve 1927 and with 1928-on