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That is one stunning outfit,but I am a bit surprissed that someone would say that the gearing does not need to be changed it would not be the clutch that would concern me but the extra load on the engine. The reason I say this because some 50 odd years ago my brother had a 1957 Gold Flash and he had fitted a single seater Swallow sidecar and did not alter the gearing it lasted about a month the crankshaft snapped through the big end journal. Now it could have been because he always had someone in the sidecar or because it had the small journal crankshaft your,s looks as though it will have the large journal crankshaft but I would always alter the gearing when fitting a sidecar. I come from a family that had many a sidecar outfit my late father if he was going out and did not have anyone in the sidecar he would put a bag of sand in the sidecar to aid handling. Right hand bends are no problem but if you take a left hand bend to fast the sidecar will come up off the ground and you will lose control I know from experience.

An absolute beauty.

I have geared it down from 18T to 17T and fitted a SRM clutch.


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