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I can't recall why but some time ago I decided I would fit a sidecar to the Sloper. So I found a period chassis and braked wheel locally and sorted out the fittings. Boxing day 2015 I got bored so started building a body. I had alreday decided on a replica BSA Model 7 as I only needed a single seater.

Only then did I think about gearing down the engine to cope with the extra load. I was a bit of a twit really not to make sure I could sort this before all the effort to on the chair. The Sloper owners' handbook is very helpful in explaning how to set up a sidecar and the engine gearing options. But could I find an engine sprocket for a 29 Sloper...not  a chance. I even visited a local gear manufacturer who offered to have a go at making one. 150 if it worked, no charge of it didn't, whcih is decent of him but an expensive way of getting a sprocket especially as I would be guessing at the size to go for.

Then as it happens I obtained an M20 engine sprocket this week (it came with the bits of an almost entire bike) so I thought I'd might as well try my luck and see how close a fit is was on the Sloper. Its fits!!!!! So, I have an 18 tooth sprocket on order as I type (19 plus postage). Oh happy man ;D

Only trouble is that when I fit the sidecar I have no space left to store it, which is probaly why its taken me nearly three years to get the job done >:(
Another begging letter in the local newsletter asking for storage space will be appearing soon.

Just seen the title to this. My tryping isn't getting any better :(

Hi Dean,
              Found myself looking at this thread due to the title...... :o ....  :)

I have just had my A7ss picked up to have a chair fitted, I mentioned to the man collecting it that I hadn't geared it down, he replied that it wasn't necessary.

Roy, I suppose it depends on the weight you will be lugging. You can see how it goes and how long your clutch lasts and fit a smaller sprocket later if required.
Are you fitting heavier fork springs? I know they are available for teles but have not come across them for the girders on my sloper.


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