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W35-7 queries
« on: 25 April, 2019, 22:34:24 »
Please can somebody help me with a couple of questions for my W35-7?

First, I need the diameter of the Lucas medallion that fits into the 8" headlights on the models with tank mounted instruments.

Secondly. I have the original 3 brush dynamo which I want to retain. The load resistor at the back of the accompanying 4 position light switch is missing. Can anybody help with the value of this resistor. I also need a switch knob for the switch. The switch knob is symmetrical in shape and the retaining cutaway underneath is in line with the knob


David Samways

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Re: W35-7 queries
« Reply #1 on: 29 April, 2019, 00:20:01 »
Hi Colin - my 6" L32-3 headlamp has what looks like a 5/8" medallion. I reckon these are the same:

I suppose it is possible that the 8" lamps fitted the 7/8" badge.