Author Topic: Can anybody help with finding the current owner of my Dads first bike FTS 634  (Read 608 times)

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Hi thanks for the add to the group. I have a picture of my dads first new bsa on the day he brought it home in Methil Fife Scotland. It was a BSA Goldflash 650 twin he says it was black and it was £248. He knows from the DVLA that it is still registered and mot, tax etc, so hopefully still exists but canít find out anymore about it. My dad is a retired Greater Manchester Policeman serving as traffic Police and then later as a bobby on the beat he is 79 this year and due to have a major operation later on in the year so I was hoping to try and make a dream come true and see if it possible for him to see his first new bike again which would be a shame not to if itís still around. Heís not looking to buy it or anything like that just to see it one last time. I can find out more about it as proof of first ownership etc but I try not to ask him too much as Iím trying to do it as a surprise and as a massive thank you to him from me. Iíve enclosed a picture of the day he brought it home. He is 16 in the picture. Anybody that knows of it or itís owner please could you let them see this. Many thanks in advance 🙏.
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why not contact the dvla and ask them to forward your details to the present owner with your request.


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I would try posting your request on the BSA A7/A10 forum and, fingers crossed, the present owner will be a regular visitor to the site:


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i ve never seen a bsa a10 on L plates before. great photo and i wish my a10 was as polished as your dads was.