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  Is it worth the expence of converting my Bantam to Electrex system (200) as the 6v generator has ceased to put any power out. Griff

I think that would be a very expensive solution to the problem! First off, which Bantam have you got and have you checked the output from the generator directly by putting a voltmeter on the output wire(s)? Even if there's no measurable output, it would be worth taking off the generator to examine its condition - you may find a broken connection.

Sorry - didn't notice the title! If it's a D10 then its got a fairly conventional alternator in which case you need to measure the resistance between each pair of output wires which will determine whether the internal wiring or one of the coils has failed. More times than not, it's likely to be the wiring harness, the switches or the rectifier that is the cause of the problem.

I think its worth testing your alternator, before going to such expense, by disconecting the harness closest to the alternator and checking the output directly.

The photos are from the D10 workshop manual. Dont worry about the test rig they talk about just use a multimeter set on AC volts. You will then get some idea as to whether the fault is at the alternator or further up the wiring harness.

You can also check the resistance of the alternator coils because, helpfully, the manual gives figures. I would check that with the stator off the bike to avoid putting any current through it which could damage the magnetism of the rotor.

If you get output  at stator then suspect the harness, the switches( especially if they are old. They do corrode up inside) and the rectifier.


Might be worth looking at the following:


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