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C15 won't start.


Help please.
I recently had my c15 running but exhaust valve kept sticking.
Stripped back down and sorted out the tight valve guide.
I have Fuel and spark but won't start. Bloody frustrating.
Any advice would be welcome.

I assume you only took the head off with the engine left in the frame to re-do the valve? If so, it looks as though you wouldn't have disturbed anything else in the process such as the timing or carb settings. The only thing that comes to mind, and apologies for suggesting it if it isn't the case, but did you connect up the push rods correctly; that is, the outer push rod going to the inlet rocker?

Yes the pushrods are connected.
I think I need to go back to the start again with the timing and tappets etc and reset everything.

Are they definitely connected to the correct rockers?

The push rods is the only thing I haven't checked.
But after work tommow I will be checking.


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