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C15 rebuild ex basket case.

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Hi my first post
I bought a basket case off good old ebay a while ago had a bit tinker with it fell out with it and parked it up in the corner of my garage but now I'm starting to sort it out.

The engine was complete so I striped it to make sure it was OK, now when I say the inside of the engine was rough I mean with a capital R, it was minging.
So I'm sure to have a lot of questions

Did I mention how dirty the engine was.

Striped and then cleaned . including the sludge trap in the crankshaft (though it wasn't that bad). all oil galleries flushed out with anything and everything I could think of until they all ran clean, blown out with air to dry it and all primed with a hand oil pumped until it came out the other end.

I am going to strip it again after I have ran it for a few minutes so as to make sure all the trapped dirt which I'm sure there will be a bit is dislodged.

The cylinder bore was OK so I glaze busted it fitted and new rings. rebuilt it all and started it up, it was at this point I fell out with it and parked it up.

Now the rebuild starts again. 

If any one sees that I have make a mistake please tell me I'm not upset by being taught how to do something by someone with more knowledge than me.

Double check the camshaft bushes, any play will allow the  points cam to wobble giving erratic ignition events.
Electronic ignition is a good idea


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