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A65 sludge trap thread.

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Mike Farmer:

Hi gents. What size and thread is the A65 sludge trap .



Are you referring to the plug or the locating bolt?

The plugs thread depends on the crank;

If 2 plugs then it is 7/8 x 11 tpi BSF.

If only one plug in then it is 7/8 x 20 tpi. I think UNF or Cycle not sure which.

The change happened around October 1964 according tothe Service bulletins.

A10 JWO:
Great fun getting them out, two hours or two minutes if you are lucky. Some make up a home made tool for this job. Just bought a brand sludge tube from Kidderminster M/C's. Good luck  ;D

One of mine (A10J came out easily. To get the other out I drilled a hole in it and used a good quality screw extractor. Came out nicely then.


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