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B40 swing arm - quick question

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Just had my seized swing arm sorted - only took 2 months but now bike is ready to reassemble. The swing arm pivot had to be pressed out and a new pivot fitted plus bearings in the arm.

I didn't make a note of the fittings at each end of the swing arm. I've got 2 bolts with grease nipples on, one longer than the other and also got a spacer. Can anyone let me know which side the longer bolt and spacer goes. Can't seem to find any drawings confirming the position!


Phil C:
Hi Adrian,  Maybe a silly question, but have you checked the drawing in the library section?  Phil.

I'll have a look at my B40 later because I can't think offhand why the two bolts are not the same length. However, from the parts diagram, the longer bolt appears to be on the nearside (LHS). There is a washer shown on the RHS but not sure where this goes without looking at my B40. However, there may be a shim required between the frame and the swinging arm to limit lateral free play.

I think the lateral play is taken up by the shim between the swing arm and frame on the drive side.
I think the spacer goes on the drive side as I've looked at a few pictures and no spacer appears on the right side of the bike. The parts drawing is not very clear about the spacer and the part numbers for the 2 bolts are different

left side bolt is the long one on the B40.

Thrust washer on right side.


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