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What spark plug caps? (And plugs)


Hello all,
I rode to my local café today! Woo!
I had a terrible misfire at steady throttle, I'll be investigating the carbs of course.
However, the plug caps were also loose as hell, so I've decided to treat it to a pair of plug caps that aren't 47 years old. Should I be using a resistor or non resistor (suppressed/non-supressed?) type?
If it matters, I may be changing to electronic ignition in the next year or so.

Also, what plugs are people using? I'm using NGK 8ES.

When it was on song my God it flew! It also seems to be starting better now. When warm it was first kick - in front of an audience, no less!

I use NGK non-resistor plug caps and NGK B7ES plugs. THe Green Spark Plug co is an excellent source of all things ignition. Beware cheap NGK plugs - there are counterfeits out there.

I always use Champion N3 plugs because they seem to be better and that's what the book specifies.
If you are going to fit an EI ignition set-up, it depends on which type.(digital or analog).
The digital type require loaded plugs or caps.
I generally use loaded caps because any plug could be used in an emergency/plug failure.

Thanks guys, ordered some caps and champions from green spark plugs. Thanks for the advice - really helpful and good prices!


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