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M33 / B33 plunger side stand

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Hello all, I am thinking of acquiring a 1954 M33 plunger.  I am trying to source a quality side stand as being short would find the bike difficult to get on/off, and raise onto its centre stand. I would be grateful for any suggestions on where to source a side stand, and where the best fixing point might be on the frame.  Has anyone gone down this route?  Thanks in advance.

Hi, I have a rigid B31 and use a generic bolt on side stand without any problem, available from fleabay

Thank you Chris Goodwin.  Did you weld it to the frame to stop it rotating/slipping?

No, Just nipped it up with the two bolts, just watch that you give enough clearance for the drive chain when fitting.

Thanks again.  One last question - where on the frame did you fix the side stand?


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