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B31 Front m, guard stays


Can anyone tell me if the front mudguard stays on 1940s B31/33 Models were ever bolted to the outside of the mudguard ? or would any other model ie: M20/21 have over the top type stays.
Your help much appreciated.


oSome Bantam and C10L had an over the top centre stay and front and rear stays which bolted to the outside of the mudguard. Dont think any B or M series had the feature.

Some C15 comp bikes had over the top front and rear and some later unit construction bikes _Starfire for example- also. had thefeature.

On my Plunger model B31 they are all "inside"- essentially the front ones are all "upside" down U shape that fits into the profile of the guard and bolted through.
On the rear the bracket is tacked to the inside of the guard and the stays bolt to them

some have the bottom/ back out side and square looking if your front stay is long it may be the type that only has one mounting point
at the bottom of the forks on the back of the leg nearest the engine and both the front and rear stay both mount on the same point 


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