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Possibly silly carb ticking question


I have a pair of Amal MK1 carbs on my lightning, at the moment with no airbox so I can see the back of the carb when I take the pod filters off.
When I tickle them, I get some petrol coming out of the drilling on what looks like part of the pilot circuit (and of course at the tickler, which is to be expected), is that normal? Should the carb really flood that much that I get a little splash out the back and into the filter boot?
I appreciate that maybe that's perfectly normal and you just don't normally see it as there's a filter/inlet tract attached. It would be good to know though.

All you are doing when you tickle the carb is to allow petrol to flood it - if you continue to hold down the ticker, the petrol in the carb will just continue to rise until it reaches the height of the inlet bore. At that point it will either flow into the engine or out of the back of the carb depending on its angle.

Thanks for the confirmation - I assumed that would be the case, but having never looked at the back of the carb while doing it before, I didn't know if it was unusual :)


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