Author Topic: New Chrome Rear Mudguard Fitting. A65 OIF  (Read 189 times)

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New Chrome Rear Mudguard Fitting. A65 OIF
« on: 31 January, 2018, 16:03:55 »
Decided to fit my brand new rear chrome mudguard today. Side by side on the garage floor they looked identical'ish. First job was to drill out the front welds and relocate and shorten the front bracket that fits to the rear of the down tube. The four number plate bracket holes were a good 15mm out. The two grab rail holes were 15mm out. One other top mounting was only 10 mm out.
The Lucas rear light bracket has three holes, these were all out by 15 mm. I drilled out all the offending holes and was very pleased that none of the old holes were visible when it was all put together. The quality of the mudguard was otherwise very good so I won't bother naming the shop. Thoroughly enjoyed the meaning of fettling today, looks really nice. I wish I could find a chrome front one, no one is producing these at the moment, only stainless  :'(


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Re: New Chrome Rear Mudguard Fitting. A65 OIF
« Reply #1 on: 31 January, 2018, 18:40:40 »
I had a poor experience recently buying a new rear for my OIF Firebird. I bought it off ebay from a well known and usually respected vendor BBB. Advertised as triple chrome and UK made I thought was bound to be very good. Unfortunately the chrome had a slight pickled finish, the sides were rippled and some of the holes were slightly out of place, but the biggest fault which killed it for me was the standard of the rolled edge at the rear and the jagged burr at the front. For the sake of 10 minutes fettling at either end before chroming, the seller lost the sale and I returned it. I cost me 10 for the return postage and I had to fight for the original postage through Ebay.
I eventually bought a good used one for 50 and had it re-chromed.