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A10 JWO:
Apart from keeping the bottom of the engine clean, are these sump guards of real value. I have never seen one fitted to a bike ( Yet ).

I've got a sump guard fitted to all my OIF bikes and the non-BSA bike I ride all the time. They are very good at keeping muck off the bottom of the bike but are vital for any green laning or off road work because otherwise the sump plate is very easily damaged.

My answer would be, only if you use it off road.  I have one on the B25SS and if you fit an SRM or cheaper pattern sump plate with magnetic drain plug, the sump guard wont fit. Probably the same on the OIF Twins.
They fitted them as standard to the Firebird Scramblers, as the American's apparently used them on and off road.

A10 JWO:
Were these guards standard on new A65's please.

Only on the Firebird Scrambler.


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