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 Hi, does anyone know of a reliable source for silent block bushes I've heard one or two horror stories concerning sizes so would like to go somewhere recommend, cheers, Dave.

I've only ever had one problem with buying silent bloc bushes - if I remember correctly, the ones I bought were much too long. It's therefore probably best to measure the length of the existing ones and to check that the new ones are the same before buying.

Hi AW, im afraid I don't have the originals there were non present in the boxes and they'd been removed from  the s/arm,the local supplier that im using has been waiting for them to come in for over 6 months now and im starting to think I have to go somewhere else,shame because there really helpfully. Cheers Dave.

The total length of the inner tubes of the two bushes should be a couple of mm longer than the width of the swinging arm tunnel. If you measure the latter, it should tell you what length of silentbloc bushes you need. You can also measure the ID of the swinging arm tunnel to tell you diameter needed for the bush outer tube. Armed with this information, you can then check with any intended supplier that their bushes appear to be correct. I haven't bought any recently but didn't have any problem sourcing them from the normal list of suppliers. For example, Burton Bike Bits list them as available - I would not expect there to be any problems with anything bought from them :).

Hi, that's a great bit of info,it's been holding me up for a while, I may even have a ride to Burton and take the s/arm with me, cheers Dave.


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