Author Topic: C15S Scrambler 1959 rear mudguard speedometer Rocker oil feed, stand questions  (Read 148 times)

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Hi I'm rebuilding a C15S 1959 model and have a few queries, hopefully someone can help with.
The bike is missing mudguards and I need a rear one. The wheel is 19" with trials tyre and the guard is mounted on the upturned rear frame loop to give greater clearance. I'm guessing that a standard 18/19" rear guard will look to have too tight a curve when mounted away from the tyre. Did this bike have a unique guard, anyone know?
Next question, I think some trials / scramblers would have had a D shaped smiths speedo, would this have been 0-80?
I'm missing a side stand, I've tried a B25 one that I have but it looks too short, any ideas?
Just bought a new Rocker oil feed union. When placed over the studs on the rocker box it only leaves a couple of threads for the nuts to go on. Are there different thicknesses of union?
I'm desperate to get this project running this spring, would love to hear from any other owners.