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wheels sizes for BSA Rocket 3


I have a BSA Rocket 3 (Mk1) 1971
But have just noticed that I have a 19 inch rim for the front wheel and 18 inch for the rear.
But the manual states I should have 19 inch wheel front and rear.
The wheel is in good nick, should I leave it and fit a new tyre? Or because the tyre needs replacing sort the rim and get it replaced back to 19 inches'

Tyres should be as follows
Front 325H19
Rear 410H19

What do you think guys?

The parts book says 19 +19. Do you have the standard gearing of 19 x 53 with your 18" rear wheel?

I have a 19" front and an 18" rear on my R3. I have fitted a 18 X 4.00 rear tyre, the bike is on standard gearing. There is no noticeable difference in performance. I guess it depends if you want to spend a lot of money on buying a new rim etc or just buying a new tyre for a lot less money.


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