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 I've recently completed my first motorcycle renouvation and the bike, a 1970 BSA Victor Special, is ready for it's MOT ( I'm aware of the forthcoming change to MOT reuirement but wish to have an MOT for my own peace of mind).

Please can anyone offer any advice on how to obtain Agreed Valuation insurance?


Carole Nash will do it. They need 6 photos.

Old Biker:
Try Hagerty 03333 231138 really helpful

I have 2 bikes insured with Peter James an A7 and A65 fully comp with breakdown cover for 89.39 if you want agreed valuation they will send out a form for you to fill in and providing the valuation is under 5000 they will do it with 2 photographs one either side of the bike.

I'm with RH Insurance & have 2 bikes on the same policy - a '75 Triumph Trident & a '67 BSA Victor Special. Both have decent agreed values. Its really simple. Do some research & try to find decent replacement bikes similar to yours to give you an idea of what they're going for.
Then following the insurers instructions, take photos & email them off. There has never been any disagreement with the values I have suggested, & goodness forbid if the worse happened, you'd get paid out the agreed value of your bike(s).


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