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wassell power module on A65

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david c:
hi, i thought the rectifier on my A65 was faulty so i got a wassell power module to replace it but now it does not seem to be charging. i used a multimeter to check connections and they were fine but when i checked the red and black leads,  pos and neg on the unit  for continuity it showed they are connected to each other , is that right?  any ideas would be appreciated

In general, you can't really test a rectifier/regulator unit - provided it is connected up correctly, it will either work or it won't. The red and black wire should definitely not have zero resistance between them!

david c:
thanks for the reply, i will try another unit

Did you check the original rectifier with an multi-meter? Since it's basically a network of 4 diodes, it's very easy to check that the diodes are ok or not.

david c:
hi, how do you check original rectifer, also where is the best place to check if its charging. its showing nothing on ameter, where with the original rectifier it used to always showed it was charging!


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