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Painting Barrels black

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A10 JWO:
Been a long time since I painted a set of BSA barrels. Is there anything new out there with a nice sheen that wont come off too soon. I have had the barrels in the parts washer bath for a few days in anticipation.

Powder coating.
In the old days stove enamelling.

Mike Farmer:

My man tells me that powder coating will decrease the cooling effect of the fins. So I've stopped doing it and I use Very High Temperature aerosols. All the colours you could want.

Your thoughts please.

Mike 8) 8)

Hammerite smooth seems pretty resilient. I find other high temperature aerosols don't last the first rain shower. Brushing gives a decent coat though a few coats of the spray can is pretty good.

VHT enamel is very good and you can bake it on in an oven to make it more durable.


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