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B30/4 Valve Springs


I am in the process of resurrecting a B30/4 cylinder head and I need a set of valve springs, part 27-1146 (x2) and 27-1147 (x2) and also  a pair of lower valve spring cups 15-1207.
I have tried both Draganfly and Cornucopia without success.
Can anyone please tell me where I might get these parts from please, or alternatively if there are any other springs which will work
Many thanks

Iím rebuilding a 1931 B31/3 which I believe is very similar. The head was bare so tried the usual sources same as you but without success. Iíve ended up using C15 valves and springs, they are very close to the size of the originals and relatively cheap. The engine runs ok but I havenít yet done any long journeys.


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